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who or what is mr fat guy?

as I have noted in today’s journal entry, I didn’t head to the gym today, but that’s not to say that it has been a non-productive day. far from it in fact…

going for a morning and/or lunchtime walk is a familiar component in my typical daily routine, and is an increasingly “cerebral” activity, providing me with some top quality thinking time. I just plug in the earphones, push the volume up a little, hit the streets and let my mind wander.

today’s topic was fascinating…

who or what IS “mr fat guy”?

yeah sure, the obvious answer is “me”, but it turns out that isn’t quite right. mr fat guy is you as well; mr fat guy is everyone.

“what the f…” I hear you cry – no don’t worry, I haven’t gone completely mad, not just yet anyway. I have come to realise that good old “mfg” is a symbol, a representation of something we can all identify with.

in a nutshell, “he” is the sum total of what I, you, or anyone is at a given point in time. he is everything that we love about ourselves, and also everything we kind of wish was not part of us.

he also represents everything that we left behind, through decisions (both good and bad), circumstances or suppression. mr fat guy is the life we have built for ourselves to date, whether we like it or not.

what the f….?

yeah, sorry if that got a bit heavy there – I guess what I am trying to say is that “mr fat guy” is not as obvious as one might think. He may not be fat, he may not even be a he.

in my case he IS an overweight, middle-aged bloke, caught in a bit of a rut and who realised that some things needed changing.

in your case, “he” could be a woman in her early twenties, underweight, and fed up with dating a string of bastards…

mr fat guy is both of those things, and the vast array of things in between.

the unchanging constant here is comprised of two components:

  1. a realisation that things ain’t perfect
  2. a desire for real and positive change

does that sound familiar now? can you see that mr fat guy IS you?

here begins the real mission of what started out as a weightloss journey…

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