how may I serve you?

change your thinking. change your life. make life amazing.

inspired speaker

with a compelling story of personal transformation, and over 25 years of diverse life experience, I relate my stories to your circumstances, leading to inspiration, motivation and change at a personal, cultural or organisational level.

wakeup coach

through a combination of online courses, in-person workshops and one-to-one coaching, I use my own experiences, challenges and breakthroughs to assist you in making the changes needed, in order to create the amazing life you always dreamed of

running with heart

under the banner of "hearts across australia" we raise money and awareness of the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle, and the potential for people to use new-found health and fitness as a base for bringing dreams and goals to life

why work with me?

why work with me?

coaching and mentoring proves its worth, time and time again, however not every coach or mentor is the right fit for a given person and situation. similarly, not every person or situation is right for every coach or mentor.

which is why I like to talk to you first, why I like to get an understanding of your circumstances and your goals; what you want to get out of working with me.

because if we are a good match, and once we have a good level of understanding, all recommendations, advice and guidance are then tailored to your specific needs, providing you with the very best service and value.

it is the exact same principle with speaking; I have a compelling story of personal transformation, a lifetime of varied experiences both personally and professionally. when my story and experience are a good match for your requirements of a motivational, inspirational or keynote speaker, then everyone is happy and great outcomes are achieved all round.

I look forward to talking to you, when the time is right!

what people are saying

"success is created by taking a series of small steps towards great achievements"

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  • a week of good news

    there’s been a bit of a delay getting this update online, however I am very pleased to report that week 1 of training went without a hitch! it’s actually not really week 1, I just got itchy running feet, and could not hold off any longer, so the 30 week training plan has now become a […]

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    monday monday

    so today is monday, and today is the first day of this new era/chapter/phase/cycle/etc… the start of a 30 week training program (extended to 32 weeks, by doing weeks 1 and 2 twice each, because I am impatient lol), and a day where a few things have been noted, to clearly mark the state of […]

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  • running with mona

    today i ran with australian distance running legend, Steve Moneghetti. as many others have quipped, i won’t mention the fact that this is only true in as much as we ran on the same course! the course in question was the perth marathon – i ran the 10km third leg for the “hearts across australia” team, […]

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    a new dawn?

    “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. And I’m feeling good” ~ Nina Simone, Feeling Good we have been here before, other false dawns, but this week feels different. time to start a new chapter. maybe the new moon at the start of the week helped create that vibe. anyway, […]

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  • let the fires burn inside

    a scary thing happens when you start listening to your heart, many scary things in fact. you start finding yourself in places you never imagined, starting finding yourself outside of the comfort zone. you start finding yourself looking back and wondering “how on earth did i get HERE?” it is all so very confusing. you […]

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    fading away

    been while between posts, and in reality this one has spent quite a while developing and taking shape in my mind… the reason for the theme of “fading” is simple; it’s a very good way to describe how I’ve felt since the Perth to Brisbane adventure came to an end. I didn’t expect it, well […]

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  • early morning silence

    you know you’re back on track when you’re awake, out the door and finished your training session before the sun rises. a nice 5 x 1km intervals session this morning. 6:00 per km target pace with 60 second rest between. overall I was pretty happy with the way things went; 3 good solid intervals […]

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    dreaming wildly

      in my usual 60 seconds “pitch” at leads2business this morning, i touched on the topic of losing mojo and refreshing motivation. for me, or so it seems, the cure is to be physically active, outdoors, and in touch with nature. this week i have restarted the habit of getting out for a short walk […]

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  • comfortably numb

      it’s taken a while, but this morning i finally realised the full degree of my stagnation. having ripped a pair of jeans and struggled with a 6km easy pace run at the weekend, the tightness of my once-loose work shirt this morning was the final straw. since reaching brisbane in september, i have steadily […]

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    24 mar 2016 – return of the journal

    well it’s been a while, but now seems to be a good time to get the daily journal activity happening again. after several stuttering starts to training, sloggin my way through a 50k ultra with little training, and more recently a hilly half marathon with practically no training, i finally accepted what had i had […]

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