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  • brave


    As you will have spotted by now, I often use running as an analogy for other aspects of life – and talk about the lessons that running can teach us… Well today’s lesson has something to do with staying calm,… Read More ›

  • human


    well it’s all been fun and games at NMMFG HQ! the technical issues with recording last week’s video led to me re-installing Windows 8 on the laptop. which led to lots of downloads occuring in the background for Windows Updates,… Read More ›

  • just relax into the run


    “why this? why now? why me?” we’ve all been, said those words, wondered at the way life just seems to insist on testing, breaking and generally giving us a “hard time” yet it seems other people have it easier. somehow… Read More ›

  • in search of the mysterious “p” thing


    it’s been a while since i wrote something deep, meaningful and personal… that’s mostly because i’ve been focused on training, but also because i’ve been letting a few ideas and thoughts bubble away. with marathon training back in full swing,… Read More ›

  • a thousand years


    after a few weeks of disappointing long runs, I think I poured a lot of energy into getting yesterday’s right, and subsequently spent the remainder of the day recovering lol – so here’s details of both yesterday’s and today’s runs… Read More ›

  • rude


    So today’s schedule said “parkrun” – however, today I was a parkrun volunteer (more on that in a moment) so I ran a relaxed 5km locally before setting off. I didn’t worry about the pace, just relaxed into the run… Read More ›

  • hands on me


    Rest day for me today – seems that’s what I’ve been doing all week to be honest – but hopefully it’ll pay dividends further down the track, with the ab muscle slowly healing and a chance this weekend to actually… Read More ›

  • not giving in


    soooo, what’s been happening since Monday? well, Tuesday was a second rest day, giving the abs a chance to recover a bit more. but I also met a newspaper photographer in a local park! he took some shots of me… Read More ›

  • air balloon


    so, after sunday’s meltdown, some great support from the facebook minions, fellow runners and coach Jackie… it was time for Monday to roll into town, bringing with it a rest day (to give the ab muscle a chance to recover)…. Read More ›

  • impossible


    OK, so I have left it all day before posting about this morning’s run – because I was annoyed, disappointed, and generally not in a particularly positive place mentally afterwards… The picture below was taken in the last 3 or… Read More ›


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